I knitted an acrylic TAWASHI.
At first it was difficult but at last it was easy.
I want to knit other shapes and colors!

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to infinitive

I want something to read.
I'll go to the bookstore to buy some books.
I like to read !

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my family

I have my father.
Father's sister is aunt.
Father's wife is my mother.
Mother's brother is uncle.
Uncle's son is cousin.
And,uncle's niece is I !

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they there thier

They are my friends.
There are thier books on the table.
They are textbooks.

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the performance award !!!

I got the performance award of EIKEN 5.
I am very very HAPPY!!
I want the performance award of EIKEN 4, too!

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I ate a hamburger yesterday.
Kei ate a hamburger too.
And we ate french fries.
They were very delicious!

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I am going to take EIKEN 4.
It's very difficult but I will study hard to pass it!

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A happy new year!

It's snowing today.
It was fine yesterday.
I think it will be fine tomorrow.
I like fine day!

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Keika is my doll.
She is from Belgium.
She can sleep and drink milk.
Kei and I like Keika!

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I have a cold.
Kei has a cold.
Dad has a cold, too.
But Mika only is fine!

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